#Cycling across the bridge into #Nàquera #Valencia #Spain

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Nàquera is a small and, in many ways, insignificant town on the edge of the La Calderona natural park. It’s just over 20 miles north of Valencia and can be easily reached by bike, car or if you really wish you can go half the way on the tram and half walking.  The town/ village/ pueblo in itself is very simple with few shops or tourist attractions but it does serve as a gateway into the natural park. From Nàquera there are several paths leading up into and through the surrounding mountains, the paths around La Calderona interlink creating paths between the villages. The mountains themselves are unlike those I have visited before in Northern Spain, France and Northern Europe as they are dry, almost desert like environments with only shrewd strong plants dominating the higher reaches. Lower down you have more pine trees and floral foliage that in the summer are alive with the defining buzz of crickets. Despite not being very touristy there are restaurants, cafes and bars to relax and recuperate.

La Calderona is home to more celebrated villages and higher, more intriguing wildlife than that of and in the immediate vicinity of Nàquera. However, if you are living in or spending a reasonable amount of time in the city of Valencia it is a northbound target to reach by bike or foot. I would also recommend it as a destination if you are a cyclist in the city. Cycling south along the sea and around Albufera is popular and I would advocate it more than cycling North. You will not be blown away but you will be intrigued. When you enter the valley it sits in you will see a different, in some ways more traditional Valencian life.

The #View back towards #Valencia from #Nàquera #Spain

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